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Placenta Services


What is “Placentaphagia”? Simply the ingestion of the placenta.

Although not common for humans historically, it is becoming more popular in recent years.

Many cultures practice different rituals and or ceremonies to honor the placenta. It is treated as a magical sacred powerful organ and one to be respected and honored after the birth of a baby.

Burying the placenta is common in New Zealand, some African nations and the Philippines either under a plant/tree or near their home in the belief that it will bring good fortune to the new baby. Some cultures conduct full burial rites for the placenta. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the placenta is thought to be restorative.

Placenta’s are an amazing organ and unique to each pregnancy it nourishes your baby throughout your pregnancy and contains a balance of beneficial hormones and nutrients specific to each mother.

So, what does the Placenta Contain!!

Gonadotrophin: the precursor to oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone

Prolactin: promotes lactation

Oxytocin: for pain relief and baby bonding. It is produced during breastfeeding and helps the bonding between mother and baby.

Cortisone: combats stress and releases energy stores to cope with stress.

Prostaglandins: anti-inflammatory

Interferon: stimulates the immune system to protect against infection

Haemoglobin: replenishes iron deficiency and anaemia

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone: boosts energy and helps recovery from stressful events

Gammaglobin: boosts immune system and protects against postpartum infections

Urokinase Inhibiting Factor and Factor XII: stops bleeding and enhances wound healing

Growth Factors: in the form of cytokins and hormones that stimulate cellular growth. They have anti-inflammatory properties, aid blood circulation, wound tissue healing and has an analgesic effect.

Placenta Stem Cells: provide the new cells for regeneration of tissue and growth factors enhance their ability to multiply much faster.

Vitamins and Minerals

Iron: essential for absorption of oxygen in the cells needed for repair.

Vitamin B6: promotes the production of red blood cells, aids in normal functioning of the brain. Helps in the making of antibodies, keeping the immune system strong.

Vitamins A, D, E, K

Vitamins C and B complex.


Firstly your placenta is precious and handled with respect and care and only your placenta is prepared.

Information is provided on correct handling and storing of the placenta after birth and prior to collection and kept at the correct temperature during transport to place of processing.

Standard placenta preparation involves washing it well to remove any excess blood and clots, and umbilical cord removed (which will be dehydrated for keepsake). Then depending on method chosen (see below) dehydrated, ground into a fine powder and placed into vegan capsules.


The price for each encapsulation method includes placenta transport kit (dropped off to you at 35 weeks), collection from your birth location and delivery of your capsules to your home, preparation of your placenta by either method and umbilical cord keepsake.

The placenta transport kit includes cooler bag, labelled storage bags and container, care/storage instructions and collection/delivery instructions.

IMPORTANT: It is advisable not to take your placenta capsules when ill or have an infection, such as a fever from mastitis, cold/flu or other illnesses. A Placenta Essence can be taken as a replacement.

Raw Method: $260.00

Raw Method – is believed to retain maximum hormones and nutrients in the placenta, providing more energy to the mother. The placenta is prepared as above, then thinly sliced and then dehydrated at a certain temperature, until crisp (about 14-16 hours). Once crisp it is then ground to a fine powder and placed into vegan capsules. Your capsules are then hand delivered to you within 3 to 5 days after birth.

Traditional Chinese Method (TCM): $270

TCM is the most common method of encapsulation as it provides a more gentle release of energy. The placenta is prepared as above, then placed in a steamer with warming herbs (in the water only) ginger, chilli and lemon and steamed to a certain temperature. Due to the steaming process there maybe slightly less capsules. Once steamed it is thinly sliced and placed in a dehydrator until crisp. Once crisp t is the ground to a fine powder and placed into vegan capsules.

Half Raw/ Half TCM: $280.00

Placenta Essence: $ 40.00 (100 ml bottle and dropper bottle). 

A small piece of placenta is placed in distilled water steeping for 4 hours , then strained and a mixture of half placenta water/half vodka in the 100 ml bottle. A dropper bottle is prepared for every day use and instructions are accompanied.

Placenta Tincture: $50.00 (100 ml bottle and dropper bottle).

A small piece of placenta is placed in a 100 ml bottle filled with 80 proof Vodka and steeped for 6 weeks and gently swirled each day. It is then strained and a small dropper bottle filled for daily use. Suggested dosage will accompany tincture when dropped off to you.

CORD KEEPSAKE: Free with any encapsulation method.

The umbilical cord is cut from the placenta, and made into any shape you choose ie: heart, spiral or babies initial’s, as long as the cord is long enough for your chosen shape. It is then dehydrated.