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Here are some FAQ’s about the placenta services. If your question is not here please send an email to jane@jmksbreastfeedingsupport.com.au and I will get back to you with an answer.

When should I not consume my placenta in any form?

If you have Hepatitis or HIV/AIDS your placenta is unsuitable for ingestion.

When you have a suspected or confirmed infection during labour or soon after or if your baby develops an infection within 48 hours of birth.

If your placenta is not handled or stored properly after birth, as information on handling and storage will be provided to you.

How do I store my placenta after birth?

An information package will be sent to you upon booking and also provided in the Placenta Transport Kit.

How long does it take to encapsulate the placenta?

Depending on size of your placenta the capsules will be ready in 24 – 48 hours after pick up from your birth location and delivered to you around 3 – 5 days post birth.

How many capsules can I expect and how do I store them?

Depends on size of your placenta, and whether Raw Method or TCM encapsulation. But the average is between 70 – 250 capsules. The capsules are placed in a sealed coloured jar and should be kept dry, and recommended to store in fridge for maximum freshness.

How long do I take the capsules for?

Until they are finished or until you feel no more need for them. Any capsules not consumed within 6 weeks should be placed in the freezer and consumed within 12 months.

What if I tested positive for GBS can my placenta still be encapsulated?

Yes, but only the TCM will be used. The placenta will be stripped of the membranes and steamed at 1 degrees for 30 minutes and dehydrated at 70 degrees for at least 12 hours. Less capsules may be obtained.

I have not yet decided if I want my placenta to be encapsulated but want to keep after birth in case I want to later. Can this be done?

Yes, if your placenta has been handled and stored properly as per instructions after birth (I can email instructions) and placed in a freezer within 8 hours of birth. Your frozen placenta can be picked up, then it is defrosted for minimum 36 hours in the placenta fridge and the TCM will be used.

What if I have a premature birth?

Problems in pregnancy can bring on premature birth. Your placenta should be examined and cleared of any abnormalities and if so is suitable for ingestion (also look at the first FAQ) and as long as it has not been sent to pathology as the chemicals used to preserve the placenta are harmful to ingest.

If I have a c-section or epidural can my placenta still be encapsulated?

Yes, it can be. If a c-section just make sure it does not get contaminated and that your midwife knows that you want to keep your placenta as it could be accidentally put in the bin.

What if there is meconium at birth can my placenta still be encapsulated?

Yes, but the TCM will be used.