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I would like to thank Jane McCrae Photograhy for allowing the use of her photos on this website.

About Me

Hi, I'm Jane

Welcome! I'm the owner of JMK's Breastfeeding Support and Placenta Services.
I'm a mother of four adult children and grandmother to five, a Registered Nurse (36yrs), Registered Midwife (27yrs), Certified Lactation Consultant (16yrs) with membership to LCANZ and Certified IPEN (Placenta Specialist) with membership to Placenta Services Australia.

My Services

Placenta Services

Placenta’s are an amazing organ and unique to each pregnancy. It nourishes your baby throughout your pregnancy and contains a balance of beneficial hormones and nutrients specific to each mother.
Placental encapsulation involves the delicate preparation of the placenta then dehydrated, grinding into a fine powder and placed into vegan capsules for consumption.

Breastfeeding Support

Each mother and baby have their own unique breastfeeding style, but unfortunately sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t always go to plan.
Breastfeeding support provides you with the care and support to make sure you have the best breastfeeding experience possible.